How is Treatment at ERG Different?

How is Treatment at Eastside Recovery Group Different?


At ERG, we approach the treatment process differently from many other drug and alcohol treatment agencies. We recognize that human beings rarely make changes–particularly changes that can feel disruptive and challenging–without developing our own, interior and sincere motivations. We also know that the way we use alcohol or other drugs, and the consequences of that use, do not develop or exist in isolation from other life situations, lifestyle habits and choices.

We like to call our treatment approach “whole person focused,” which means we support our clients in examining many different aspects of their lives and in making their own decisions about what’s working, what doesn’t work anymore, and what they might like to change.

Clinicians at ERG have developed a thorough-yet-friendly curriculum piece that centers on helping the client develop a plan of action. That’s why clients come to ERG; to be supported in sustainable change. This work, done by the client, becomes the centerpiece of your treatment plan. At too many other agencies, treatment plans are created and issued in cookie-cutter form; every client has the same three or four elements, and no input into the plan itself. This approach rarely results in sustained change, because it’s not client-led and it’s not individualized.

Because ERG is a small agency, we are able to create a treatment program that is reflective and supportive of your needs and your goals. We recognize that the recovery process is not the same for each person; why would your treatment plan be identical to every other? With our unique ability to deliver personalized attention and treatment, we are able to provide evidence-informed and up-to-date programs to better meet the needs of the individual client.

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